Katalyzer is the DAO for community mints.

Supply is 1111 and price is 0.1 Sol

Collaborative management for DAO treasury funds (100% from mint and royalties).

Community voting for the best alpha call for mint or secondary play. Decision will be executed promptly.

After reaching 50 Sol profit DAO will vote for revenue share or blue chip investment.

WL and Meme gang help for hodlers!

MARCH - mint

MARCH - hodlers verification

APRIL - hodlers begin to vote for
mint/secondary play

MAY - vr nft gallery

JUNE - treasury evaluation

Q4 - flip/hodl championship

2023 - second gen
How often do we mint?
DAO decide
What do we mint or flip?
DAO decide
How we can earn?
After reaching 50 Sol profit DAO vote for revenue share
How to get in WL for second gen?
Any cat nft on Solana holder will be eligible for WL
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